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This track has been sitting on my hard drive for so long now... We have had it done for months! Finally decided to release this. Timo and I actually started this over a year ago, and recently brought it back to life with some new edits and recordings. We hope you guys enjoy it, and share it around if you can! This tune is a little taste of the hard work and everything we have been feeling and going through on this journey as musicians in this last chapter of our lives. And last but absolutely not least, huge thank you to Connor Grisham for the album art. He is such an amazingly talented artist and I thank the Lord so much for him. SO with all that, thank you for tuning in, and we will catch you on the next one!

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"Whoa, since February I've been 20 years old
the devil tryna' take my soul
the people in my circle so cold, yeah
oh, lately I been feelin' all alone
so I pray the Lord please tell me where to go
now, the people just reflectin' my own

Whoa, since January I've been livin' with no job
but I've been spendin' all my time with "loggy" Pro, yeah
I'm just tryna' do it all for da' Lord, yeah
I hope, maybe someday this music can pay off my loans
but until then I'm just continuing to grow
praying for His Blessing cause' I can't do this alone, yeah

Yo, what's more real
lookin' for love, or findin' it along the way
they say that truth comes from above
but I been searchin' the stars today but findin' shades of grey
probably too much carbon "monox" in the way
probably a bit too much of copy and paste
pick at your face
post another picture today
if they don't like it, they hate
and if they like it, then great
boostin' my ego, the internet, got me feelin' okay
how long you happy livin' this way?
sippin' away, and the clock tick, tickin' away?
slippin' away, the future in the palm of your hand
but you're too lazy to be makin' a plan
understand, I'm not bashin'
just sayin' the generation of past, is not gon' make change if you too scared to take some action
letting your life pass, and you aint' even find yo' passion
killing your spirit, cause' flesh will settle for satisfaction

Whoa, take me home
Oh my Lord, take me home
make me more like your Son
I can't keep waiting for the sun, to rise up
Whoa, take me home
Oh my Lord, take me home
make me more like your Son
I can't keep waiting for the Son to rise up"


released April 8, 2017



all rights reserved


MADDOX Denver, Colorado

Trevor Maddox

"Making music for the Glory of God, and on a journey to find my own signature sound."

Previous alias:
"Clairvoyant Sound"

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