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-Copyright © 2016.


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This is the big project that we have been working on for the passed couple of months! So excited to share this with everyone finally! This is a beat that I originally produced, and then the guys helped with changing certain things so that it would flow with their parts and stuff! They wrote their own lyrics and melodies, and then once we had a rough draft completed, we went over to Conway Sound to record the vocals. Seriously, the studio time made all the difference, so shout out to Ryan for letting us book the studio! Then of course we mixed and mastered it all ourselves in the basement haha. I am so happy with the final result, especially because we did it all ourselves the whole way! Cant wait to see where the Lord takes us in future works together! Thanks for checking us out!

Watch the vlog from our recording process:

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Tyler on SoundCloud:


ain't ready, still going in/ phelps in the pool boy let me swim/ got this team and they my kin/ turn on the brights it's kinda dim/ I don't love the world man I hate my sin/ cutting straight through the storm right/ I can't see where we're going put it on the line only got 1 life/ 1 mic in the basement/ mics ghetto with the placement/ let me get in my element, if I said it then I'm gonna settle it/ I'm a new man almost 2-0/ got a dream never let it go/ I ain't ready, got a new purpose like Luke baby in the new hope/ Hold up let me revise/ This the real me no disguise/ Hold up now we're back at it/ recurring sin that's some bad habits/ New music now the people trippin/ yeah we spit, boy no dippin/ closing bars, no sipping/ see the truth, we're living/ on the the track I'm the conductor/ shoutout to Trev, he the constructor/ when the phones on, and the mics out, there ain't no chance we gonna quiet down/ look up, I was completely different, I know the lord he came in and diminished it/ rapping and ministry, never thought I would be doing this sort of thing/ feel like David with a sling, beating down on the giant/ obstacles in front of me, gravity I am defying/ with out the king I'd be dying/ stumbling into the depths/ grabbed me and pulled me back out of it, now his name's what I rep/

I wasnt ready, I aint ever do this before. Hop up onto that loop with them bars oh. had never thought about doing this before. Now its all I can do for you Lord oh. I wasnt ready, nah. I wasnt ready, oh, I wasnt ready nah. I wasnt ready, nah.

I had some fake friends got me thinking that I'm hot. When I put them on the spot, now they're leaving. Figured out they weren't really what I thought, don't believe them. Told me they loved me. Really don't know the meaning. But God knew what he was doing when mama was conceiving. Christened me in the womb, the holy spirit I'm breathing. Summer sixteen my season. The gospel my only reason. Jesus chain on my neck, protecting me on the weekend...

Now I dont watch my back no more, leavin that up to God He's everything that I got yeah. I dont really trap oh no, Trustin in just myself I ended up getting lost yeah. Now im switching every other flow, might drop it for a second ill recover though. now im reppin with my brothers so, shout out mamma and my daddy, friends and the family. yeah you know thats who we do it for, and if yall dont understand Andy done said it better yo. but we gotta stick together yeah, aint living by the word if I aint living every letter bro.


released October 21, 2016
Trevor Maddox
Timothy Butler
Tyler Budke



all rights reserved


MADDOX Denver, Colorado

Trevor Maddox

"Making music for the Glory of God, and on a journey to find my own signature sound."

Previous alias:
"Clairvoyant Sound"

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